Plum Fancy welcome mat

Plum Fancy is a bordered set specifically designed for 1024X768 resolution and is suitable for a personal web site.  It's fresh and clean and comes with the following accessories: small bullet, medium bullet, two divider bars, back, home and next navigator buttons, eight assorted topic buttons, a correctly pre-sized transparent spacer to stop your text bleeding into the left hand border, and all the necessary tables and html files for correct page setup.

Plum Fancy small bullet Text used is:

Plum Fancy small bullet Colours used are:

 Plum Fancy divider bar two

Plum Fancy medium bullet   To add your own text, simply use a text editor such as Notepad to overwrite the text currently on this page.  Move the "Back", "Home", and "Next" buttons around in this table column and link them as needed, and link the assorted topic buttons as you see fit.

Plum Fancy divider bar two

Plum Fancy back navigator button     Plum Fancy home navigator button     Plum Fancy next navigator button

Plum Fancy small bullet Plum Fancy medium bullet Plum Fancy small bullet

Plum Fancy about button     Plum Fancy blog button     Plum Fancy photos button

Plum Fancy things button     Plum Fancy work button

Plum Fancy newz button     Plum Fancy mail button     Plum Fancy guests button

Plum Fancy divider bar

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