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Here are some links to the main programs and utilities that I use - others will follow in due course:

PhotoShop v 6 - I have recently "emigrated" from PaintShop Pro, and after a few hectic, hair-pulling and frustrating days trying to learn it, I have now come to use it exclusively.  There's still a lot I have to learn, but if you can afford it, I would recommend it as the best graphics program available.  Even six months ago I never would have thought that I'd hear/see myself saying that.... (shakes head in disbelief)

PaintShop Pro v 6.01 - a great little package from Jasc Software!  There's not much that you can do with PhotoShop that can't be done with PaintShop Pro these days, and I've found that most tutorials for PhotoShop can be adapted to suit the more affordable PaintShop Pro!  It's going to give PhotoShop a real run for their money!

BladePro and/or Super BladePro - what can I say?  They're the coolest plug-ins for a graphics package that I've ever seen!  "Don't leave home without it!"

Alien Skin's EyeCandy and/or EyeCandy 4000 - another "must have" for any aspiring graphic artist!

FrontPage 2000 - OK, OK, I know it doesn't write terribly good HTML, and a lot of people seem to have trouble with it... but it's my WYSIWYG Editor of choice. The HTML errors are easy enough to weed out by hand in its HTML editor section, and it handles tables and frames a lot better and far more easily than some other "top of the range editors" that I could name!

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