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IncrediMail is a new concept in email - providing everything you could want in the way of utilities and filtering, and the security not provided by Outlook Express whilst still allowing you to use pretty stationery as well as plain text messages.  You can even make your signature in your own handwriting for your email (errr...  if you can write legibly with your mouse, that is!)

It's also free, if you don't mind a small amount of unobtrusive advertising - and I do mean unobtrusive - but even that vanishes when you register.  You can read all about it and download it here.

I've had enormous fun creating letters for my own personal use, but after all, how many different letters can one person use? So now I'm making them available to the public. As with my web sets, they're totally free, no strings attached. Click on the thumbnail to download the letter - the zipped font is downloadable separately under the thumbnail.


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