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It is with deep regret that I have to publish the following piece of email that I sent just half an hour ago.  It is very sad that there are certain people out there who take what is not their own and claim it as theirs (when a simple "Please may I use your..." would probably have got them what they wanted in the first place), because it's easier than doing it themselves from scratch and they still get the kudos.

I work hard at making my IncrediMail skins, and as I think I have said in my normal introduction here, they are not so much "hard"  to make as just terribly painstaking and time consuming. But make them I do, and I make them totally free and gratis for anyone to use and enjoy - I do not make them for greedy people to mangle and mutilate in order to claim the credit for themselves.

This miserable spirited person who calls herself "Carla Brouwer" runs a website and forum called *~ IncrediExlusiveMail ~* where two of my skins, Rosewater and Blooz were found recently, only slightly altered, and which she claimed are her own.  I have also heard that she frequently steals other people's IncrediMail Letters as well, putting her own watermarks over the originals - and if she is questioned about it in her forum she locks that person out and sends them rude personal email.  I don't know about anyone else here, but I find such behaviour despicable - personally I wouldn't be able to live with my conscience... and I think it's time that she learnt to live with the consequences of her actions.

October 21st, 2004

The email I sent Ms. Brouwer has been omitted as it is no longer relevant, however my above remarks will remain, not only because she was dishonest, and I feel that people have a right to know this, but also to stand as a warning to other thieves and plagiarists, to let them know that they will be found out and exposed - eventually!

To this date Ms. Brouwer has declined to reply to my email (I wonder why!), so I shall let the matter drop for now.  Incredimail themselves have requested my permission to put four of my skins in their new "User Created" Gallery, including the two sets that Ms. Brouwer falsely claimed to have created - I received email from them last night informing me that they will be displayed there soon.  I've had to update the skins to comply with Incredimail's latest version, so if you have downloaded "Soft Citrine", "Blooz", "Rosewater", or "NewCeltica", please re-download them to get the full amended versions, including buttons and graphics for the Junk Mail options.  An update for the "An Iris Fantasy" skin will hopefully be available shortly.

November 4th, 2004 - An Iris Fantasy has now been updated!  Please re-download and Enjoy!

 I've been working pretty solidly on skins lately - they're quite time consuming, I can assure you!  Some have turned out... not well, and some have turned out quite well - those that I think fit for public consumption are presented for you below - newest first.







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